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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

#NYCForWomen Forum at John Jay College

March is Women’s History Month, and on March 9th, Serrins & Associates was proud to attend the #NYCForWomen forum held at John Jay College, which featured a variety of panels and speakers looking at the state of women’s rights and equality.  You can take a look at some highlights and photos from the event here.

The event was sponsored and organized jointly by the John Jay College departments of Africana Studies, Gender Studies, and External Affairs, and the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

Our managing partner and founder Alan Serrins spent his early career as General Counsel to the New York City Commission on Human rights helping to publicize issues of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and was one of a group of attorneys who sought to legitimize sexual harassment lawsuits before courts of law. Today, much of his practice focuses on obtaining justice for women who were discriminated against or harassed by an employer. Learn more about sexual harassment in the workplace here. And keep current on new events, fact sheets, and developments of the New York City Commission on Human Rights at their Twitter page.

The Commission on Human Rights does great and important work, which touches on, intersects with, compliments, and assists much of the work we do here at Serrins & Associates. Their primary mission is to enforce New York City’s various human rights laws, which seek to protect classes of people discriminated against from discrimination.  Our mission intersects with the Commission’s on issues of employment discrimination: our firm often finds itself suing employers and corporations to enforce NYC’s strong protections against discrimination in the workplace, which also fall under the jurisdiction of the Commission. It is not uncommon for the Commission and our attorneys to zero in on the same discriminatory practice at the same workplace, and work independently to try and correct the practice and get justice for victimized workers.

The breadth of the Commission’s work is stunning. Not only do they take and investigate complaints of human rights violations by members of the public, they also see education of the public as one of their primary missions, and regularly hold workshops and informational seminars educating NYC residents (including employers) on the law. They also regularly publish useful information sheets that seek to inform workers, shoppers, renters, and other groups of their rights under the law.

At the #NYCForWomen forum, the Commission debuted a new fact sheet focusing on issues affecting women and girls, and particularly issues of harassment, whether it be on the street, in stores or other public accommodations, or in the workplace. Check out the new fact sheet here.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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