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Employment Discrimination

Discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, and other characteristics is illegal in New York.

Alan Serrins and his colleagues at Beranbaum Menken are dedicated to achieving justice for victims of workplace discrimination. The laws that protect employees were fought for by dedicated advocates over the past 45 years. No employer, whether a small business or a massive corporation, should be able to disregard them without being made to pay for their discriminatory behavior. Sometimes this means reaching a settlement with a client; other times, it means taking the case all the way through trial and to a verdict. But at every step of the way, Alan Serrins and his associates will dedicate themselves to seeking justice on your behalf.

What is workplace discrimination?

Discrimination in the workplace is a terrible and unfair problem, and it is far more common than many people realize. Our attorneys have been getting justice for employees victimized by workplace discrimination for over 35 years.

It is illegal for employers to discriminate against workers or applicants based on any of the following characteristics:

  • Race
  • Age
  • Skin color
  • Physical disability
  • Gender or sex, including by sexual harassment
  • Religion
  • National origin
  • Sexual orientation (In New York City)
  • Criminal convictions or arrests

Some of these protections come from federal law; others, from state or local law. But in New York, if an employer takes any negative action against an employee based on one of the above factors, that employer opens itself up to a lawsuit and to compensating the worker or applicant it has discriminated against.

New York City has recently expanded the above list. For example, New York City employers may not unfairly discriminate against job applicants based on their credit histories, or based on how long they have been unemployed. These things, too, open up the door to a lawsuit.

If you have been the victim of discrimination, whether on the job or in the hiring process, click here to contact Alan Serrins and his associates, and to set up a consultation.

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