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Separation and Severance Packages and Agreements

If you are leaving a job you’ve been employed at for a long time, chances are you are already going through quite a bit of upheaval and life change. Add to that: your employer hands you a contract and says, “Sign this before you go.” Maybe they are offering you an amount you think is fair; maybe they aren’t. But either way, you now have pages and pages of technical legal language in front of you, and a company telling you that you MUST sign. What now?

Alan Serrins and his colleagues at Beranbaum Menken help you navigate and negotiate the delicate process of entering into a separation agreement with an employer. We have helped hundreds of employees end their time with an employer equitably, fairly, and without undue stress.

Even if your relationship with your employer is a good one and you are parting on good terms, the truth is, both you and your employer have different interests that need to be protected. You want the severance that is due to you, but what’s fair and what’s not? Your employer wants to protect trade secrets, but when does this become burdensome on your future career path? These are tough issues, and they require an experienced attorney who knows industry practices and can separate a low ball offer from a fair settlement.

Similarly, when you begin a new job, contract negotiations can also be a delicate process, particularly for experienced executives with reputations to protect. These are not the sorts of negotiations you want to begin without consulting an experienced employment lawyer.

Alan Serrins has drafted, negotiated, and brought to execution severance and employment agreements in dozens of fields for the past three decades. He has learned how to maximize employee compensation, while minimizing employee obligations.

So when your employer or future employer hands you that heavy contract and says, “Sign,” here’s what you do: call Alan Serrins, set up a consultation with him or a partner at Beranbaum Menken LLP, and let your lawyer do the heavy lifting.

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