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Sexual Harassment at Work

 The #MeToo movement has made clear an unfortunate fact: sexual harassment in the workplace is still far too common. If you have been a victim of workplace harassment or discrimination, you should know that you have rights, and you deserve justice. If you need to speak to an attorney about a sexual harassment matter, click here to set up a free phone consultation with one of our expert lawyers.

Alan Serrins is a top New York sexual harassment attorney who has helped hundreds of clients reach successful verdicts and settlements in cases against their employers. He has concentrated in the area of sexual harassment law since the early days of his legal career. In 1979, he was appointed General Counsel of the New York City Commission on Human Rights – the youngest lawyer in the Commission’s history to be so appointed – and successfully prosecuted the Commission’s first sexual harassment case. He became a leading figure in the then-new field of sexual harassment law, and helped popularize the now common phrase “sexual harassment in the workplace.” Since those early days, he has successfully achieved justice for hundreds of sexual harassment victims in cases against their employers.

What is a sexual harassment case?

The key element in almost every sexual harassment case is this – a difference in power between two people. Usually (although not always) the person with power is an employer, supervisor, or manager, imposing their will on an employee or worker under their control. Sometimes the threat is explicit – “If you don’t do as I say, there will be negative consequences at work.” Oftentimes, the threat is implied – a supervisor makes an advance and is rejected, and suddenly the employee is either terminated or otherwise subjected to a negative work consequence. And disturbingly, sometimes there is more than a threat, and a worker or manager in a position of power sexually abuses an employee.

Both explicit and implicit sexual harassment is illegal. Unfortunately, even when an employee is aware of her or his rights and makes a report about the harassment to management, all too often the complaint is ignored.  An employer has a duty to act on allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace and can be sued for failing to do so.

An employee who feels that they have been the victim of sexual harassment can complain outside of the workplace. That complaint can be made in the courts of the United States, the State, the City of New York, and other government agencies. And that’s where an employment law firm like Serrins & Associates comes in.

When an employer harasses an employee, whether it be explicit or implicit, physically or verbally, or by direct action, the employee often feels completely powerless. But this does not have to be. Employees have the law on their side, and they have a lawyer  to help protect them and guide them through the legal process, that is dedicated to making their employer pay. Contact Alan Serrins and the attorneys at Beranbaum Menken to discuss your sexual harassment matter.

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