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Wage Theft (overtime, minimum wage, tips)

In recent years, the issue of wage theft has come to the forefront as one of the primary ways employers take advantage of their workers. Sometimes wage theft is subtle and hard to detect, especially to a non-lawyer; other times it is obvious and the same as stealing. Either way, wage theft is illegal - indeed, in many jurisdictions, it is both a civil and criminal offense - and its victims deserve compensation.

What is wage theft? Wage theft is a term that refers to any practice by an employer that unfairly deprives employees of money that they rightfully earned, and it is against the law. Some examples of wage theft are:

  • Mandating that employees work overtime, and not paying them for that overtime.
  • Forcing workers who rely on tips to pool those tips, and not dividing the final amount fairly or properly.
  • Not paying workers for the time it takes to prepare for work at the workplace, for example by putting on a mandated uniform.
  • Mandating that employees pay for their own work-related expenses that are necessary to do their job.

As you can see, “wage theft” is not one simple thing, and it is not covered by one simple law. Workers must be paid overtime wages in many instances, for example, and the laws that apply overtime protections are different from the laws that apply to tip-pooling. In fact, this area of law continues to expand – in 2016, new regulations went into effect that vastly expanded overtime protections for workers. 

The employment attorneys at Serrins & Associates are here to help you navigate through this complicated legal web, and get you paid for the monies that have been unfairly taken or withheld from you.

If you suspect your workplace has engaged in wage theft, contact our office to set up a free telephone consultation and learn more about your legal rights.

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