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Monday, October 15, 2018

New York’s New Sexual Harassment Laws – What to Know

After a year of sexual harassment scandals, and the explosive growth of the #MeToo movement, state and local governments across the country have been taking action to strengthen and expand local laws guarding against such abuses. New York has been no exception: on April 11, 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a series of measures intended to prevent sexual harassment and close existing loopholes in the law. The law partly went into effect this past summer, and several other parts will continue to be rolled out in the months ahead. Let’s take a look at what employees need to know about their rights under this new law.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What counts as harassment? It depends on the state...

The law is a funny thing. Let’s say the exact same action is performed in two different states. In state one, that action results in a lawsuit, which leads to a trial, which leads to a settlement, and maybe even a full-blown scandal with all the attendant media coverage. In state two, that action results in..
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Monday, December 11, 2017

The Moment of #MeToo - A Cultural Reckoning with Sexual Harassment

As anyone who watches the news, surfs the internet, or even sometimes engages in topical conversations with friends is aware, we are now experiencing an incredible national moment of reckoning on the topic of sexual assault. In many of the cases that have been reported to date, the specific topic of sexual harassment is implicated, by which we mean unwanted advances of a sexual nature that occur in a professional context. (The labels can be a little fuzzy on these issues, but here we consider sexual harassment mostly in its legal context, where it largely refers to workplace behavior.) As employment lawyers, sexual harassment is something we see distressingly often - these sorts of cases are a large part of the work we do. And so while we regret the very existence of this form of abuse, we are nonetheless heartened that Americans of all stripes are speaking out and making others aware.
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Harvey Weinstein Mess is a Stunning Case of Employer Misconduct

The Harvey Weinstein story functions as an example of things an employer, a manager, or anyone in a position of power within a business or place of employment, absolutely cannot do without breaking the law. Based on the Read more . . .

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

#NYCForWomen Forum at John Jay College

March is Women’s History Month, and on March 9th, Serrins & Associates was proud to attend the #NYCForWomen forum held at John Jay College, which featured a variety of panels and speakers looking at the state of women’s rights and equality.  You can take a look at some highlights and photos from the event here.

The event was sponsored and organized jointly by the John Jay College departments of Africana Studies, Gender Studies, and External Affairs, and the New York City Commission on Human Rights.
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Monday, January 30, 2017

So You Think Your Boss Is Breaking the Law – An Introduction to Employment Law

Welcome to the Serrins & Associates blog and website! On this blog, we’ll be bringing you continuous updates on current issues, events, rulings, and laws in the area of employment law. We’ll also be answering frequent questions employees have about litigating against their employer, or choosing whether to bring a case at all. In this post, we’ll provide an overview of some common types of employment law cases. If your employer has been engaging in any of the behaviors listed below, it would be wise to speak with an employment lawyer.

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